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A white sea bunny

What exactly is a Sea Bunny?

A Sea Bunny is a species of Nudibranch, also known as a sea slug! Nudibranches are a type of mollusk.

Sea Bunnies get their name from their rabbit-like appearance. The "ears" that are located on their heads are actually sensory organs called rhinophores! Rhinophores help these little fluffballs detect changes in the current around them.

What we observe as "tails" are actually a Sea Bunny's gills.

Visit this websiteto learn more about Sea Bunnies!

Sea Bunny Fun Facts

Sea Bunnies are found in the oceans near many countries! Including but not limited to:

They are so small that one will be able to fit on your fingertip!

Sea Bunny Danger

Be warned that Sea Bunnies are not pets.

Sea Bunnies are incredibly toxic and touching one could result you really hurt!

They also only last a couple months to a year so you might also die from the heartbreak.

A white sea bunny facing away
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